Product Description

HiVi (Swans) D630 6.5″ Autosound Component 3-Ways System

In car audio industrial, 3 ways crossover unit technology is the sign of hi-end products research capability, HiVi depends on the professional ability in speaker manufacturing, also the development and innovation in electronic acoustical realm, we promote this unit, D series professional car audio loudspeaker system, in 2008.

In the development of HiVi history, home used D series loudspeakers have dominated the prominent position; we obtained a great success once marketed in 1993, owed a lot reputation and established leading ship in world electronic acoustical industry! And this car audio speaker promoted in 2008, have the core technology of home used D series, trying best to become the HIFI ingenuity in car audio industrial!

Two items contained in D series: D630 and D620, with voice filter design independently on tweeter, midrange and woofer, make the high-low-frequency information revert abundantly, clear administrative levels, broad and strait frequency resonance, more fluent of the various frequency phrases, focus accurately of the voice, tone more lubricate, large voice square. Its appearance design, simplicity but decent, with the yellow bass cone, boundless, glorious and elegant, and the dignified black on the cast iron framework, manifest the high quality! Units of midrange and tweeter are all black styles, outlook structure make easy to mounting and adjusting!

With the high-tech Kevlar material cone from Germany , which has a high ability of super absorb kinetic energy, also the natural paper based Kevlar make the voice more natural and neutral, both these two kinds hi-end material with their perfect characters, reverting the clean natural voice! And with the special anti-tire surround, super power 76mm anti-high temperature copper wire voice coil, and the high quality ferrite magnet circuit, offering the continuing low frequency motion, making the bass unit under good work condition!

Tweeter and midrange unit all adopt high quality neodymium-iron-born magnet circuit, highly density magnet flux, artificial Germany weave dome cone and circumrotate symmetry librations components, voice and super power 50mm aluminum framework, double deck rectangle section wire circle, soft lead wire presents 180 degree. The whole librations are very light, stability, endurance, even under super power!

HiVi continuing HI-END concept, with high end 3 way crossover core-tech, found this D series professional car audio loudspeaker system, which will give you a high quality music enjoyment during your drive trip!

Swans_Hivi_Car Audio_Speaker_D630_1 Swans_Hivi_Car Audio_Speaker_D630_2 Swans_Hivi_Car Audio_Speaker_D630_3 Swans_Hivi_Car Audio_Speaker_D630_4 Swans_Hivi_Car Audio_Speaker_D630_5 Swans_Hivi_Car Audio_Speaker_D630_6